The Sprects language Reference and Interpreter

Sprects is an esoteric programming language of my own design. It is an acronym that stands for:

Simple Pattern Replacement for Compressing Text and Strings

The language is, as you can probably tell from the acronym, for compressing strings and text via pattern replacement.


Here's an example program:

,0!,0123,1Hello,2 ,3World

The first character , defines the rule separator. This can be any character. In the future, when more funtionality is added, there may be more syntax at the start. Then there is the starting string 0!. This is the string before any rules are applied. Then there is the rule separator , signifying the start of the rules. The first character of a rule is the character being replaced from the string. All instances of that character are replaced with the following characters. For example, in the first rule, 0123, 0 is replaced with 123. Once all the rules are applied, the output is Hello World!.

Parts of program: [syntax declaration][starting string][substitution]

The Interpreter